Today’s Readings

January 28th, 2010
by goforthandblog

Good Morning!

Here is  a wonderful site that offers the readings and prayers for the day. Check it out at 

About Today and Prayers for the Day:

For today’s Readings:

Go to:

For Daily Readings from the USCCB,  go here. To hear  Daily Readings Podcasts, go to .

For the Catechism of the Catholic Church, check out the Vatican’s beautiful site at : 

For the full text of the New American Bible Online go to


For Bible Studies online, see Logos Ministries with Dr. Bill Creasy  at

and Kevin Saunders’  Arizona Bible Class or go to where you can buy podcasts of his Bible Study lectures for a nominal fee.

The Institute for the Study of Catholic Faith and Life (Personal Enrichment in the Catholic Faith) — Father Bernard D. Green (Tempe) (Our Lady of  Mt. Carmel)

(Full disclosure—** These classes do cost some $.  I am not profiting from the referral, but I did take Kevin Saunders’ class years ago and he’s a terrific teacher! I have also heard really great things about Bill Creasy’s class.  And Father Bernie, who founded and developed the Institute Course,  is just plain wonderful :-) ).

Here is another wonderful Institute in Phoenix for Catholic Formation and Education called the Institute of Catholic Theology: (St. Thomas the Apostle)

Check it out at:


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