January 24th, 2010
by goforthandblog

Pope Benedict XVI has enouraged priests to use the new media to proclaim the Gospel of  Christ.

“Priests should use cutting-edge technologies to express themselves and lead their communities,” he said.

“The spread of multimedia communications and its rich ‘menu of options’ might make us think it sufficient simply to be present on the web,” but priests are “challenged to proclaim the gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources.”

In that spirit, I’d like to use this site to help! :-)

I am not a priest, but want to help to get that message across in any way that I can! And so I will try to list and categorize some of the Priests’ blogs out there so that what they say will be more accessible  to people and easier to find.

I also will try to list other resources and life news on this site. 

As you can see, the site is still under construction, and I am adding new entries every day.  It is a labor of love for me, not $, and I hope that you’ll bear with me as I complete it.  Also, I am new to this “webmaster” thing, so if  you have any comments or concerns, please let me know as soon as possible and I will try to remedy them asap!  I have tried to use photos, etc. that are either mine or that have public domain or creative commons permission status.   But if you have any concerns, I would be happy to address them. If you do not want me to link to your site or want to change permission status on your photos, please let me know as soon as possible and I will rectify those issues.

Thank you so much for visiting here, and I hope that you enjoy the site!

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